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A year full of stories | 2019 Year In Review

By Brucira  |  Added 29th Sep 2020

A Year of awesome clients, public speaking, new faces, new office, and the BIG News!

2019 was something special for us for a couple of reasons. Let’s take a look at our work in a nutshell.

First, we got to work with some amazing clients who urged us to put our thinking caps on and solve problems we hadn’t faced before.

This year, we worked with companies that included employment systems, beauty care, procurement and business services, logistics services, entertainment, global business consultancy, and, of course, creatives — glorious creatives!

Variety is the spice of life, and it sparks our creativity and energy here at Brucira. We genuinely love to explore new places, think in different ways, and solve altogether different problems.

2019 Recap of Brucira

1. Clients

We got the opportunity to work with bright minds across the globe, growing and learning together.

When companies offer partnerships after working with us, we know we’re doing good work. Hear from the clients themselves.

Brucira Testimonial from Head of Design at Disney Hotstar

2. Pivot and redesign our website

At the beginning of 2019, we undertook the task of redesigning our website, for good this time. Read more about our website design here.

It was time we took a glance at what the people expect to see first on our website. It wasn’t evil by any means, but it needed a facelift.

3. Launching India’s Titan online

It all started with team Titan EyePlus looking to enhance User Experience for mobile web visitors — because that’s where the urban human lives.

Team Brucira & Titan Eye Plus collaborated over calls, email threads and endless coffees to see how we could together create an unparalleled buying experience.

Excited to share that the outcome is LIVE now. Do check out the new interaction using your mobile and share what you think.

4. New office

As a bootstrapped business, we ran Brucira from our own humble apartment for a year. As we added members to our team, we thought it was a good time to move out of our apartment to a newer, bigger and brighter space.

Minimal with enough colors to throw you off a one-track mind. Your work-place makes a magnanimous difference in your work which we saw first-hand after moving to the new location.

Photos of Brucira Office in Mumbai

5. Launching Marketing Division

While our team was expanding gradually we decided to pull the trigger and build our in-house marketing team, with no compromises. While we built and showcased our portfolio to potential clients, folks over at Oppo — really vibed with our unique creatives and decided to walk with us on a pilot run and soon became partners.

Brucira launches the Digital Marketing Division

6. Features and Press

a. Dribbble

This year, Dribbble made a wholesome decision to highlight its talented community by using their work throughout their website, and we were pleasantly surprised (blown-away 😃) by being featured on the Dribbble Jobs page.

Brucira's artwork got featured by Dribbble, a leading website for designers

b. Driven by Design

Our co-founder Harsh was presented with an opportunity to address Mumbai’s design community where he spoke on the Impact of Design on businesses.

c. Media Coverage

We saw a couple of press coverages, being noticed by media outlets in the country.

Brucira's founders standing with Brucira logo in background of the office

The team is pretty energised and excited about what we were able to accomplish in 2019, and we’re just as jazzed about the journey ahead of us in 2020. We invite you to come along for the ride, and share what we’re pretty sure will be another awesome ride!

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