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Brucira’s Visual Timeline: Our Top Highlights From 2021!

Added 25th Jan 2022

It’s the 4th anniversary of Brucira and we are super joyous to share with you some of the biggest highlights from the last year that our team has been able to accomplish! ✨

Broke our own records!

With over 4000 hours of remote meetings, this year we were at our all time high! We worked on over 100,000 screens across 20+ industries! Our Dribbble community grew to over 10,000 followers!

Achieved Media Recognitions

This year, Brucira was awarded not just once, but twice! First, we were awarded Kyoorius Creative Awards-2021 under the categories of Technology: Apps, tools, utilities. Second, we won the India’s Best Design Awards at IBDA 2021!

Launched new divisions

We’ve always focused on upskilling and venturing into new domains. That’s why this year, we launched two new divisions at Brucira- 3D and Front End Development!

Crossed 150+ clients!

That’s right! We touch the glorious 150 number this year after new clients were deciding to partner up with us on multiple projects.

Worked With 4+ Unicorns!

This year was filled with wonderful, new opportunities! We got a chance to work with industry unicorns such as Vendatu, Slice, PayU, RazorPay and many more!

Team Brucira Kept Growing!

We Expanded into a team of 30 star team members! All of us learn invaluable life skills and business skills from one another!

Growth Of ruttl

In 2021, we were successfully able to grow our in-house website feedback tool ruttl to over whopping 5000+ users! During this period, we generated $70k+ revenue and deployed over 20+ new features!

Helped People Manage Tasks

Our second in-house Brutask is now the favorite go-to task management tool for productivity lovers in 114 countries! 5000+ users added more than 10,000 tasks during the entire year.

The Biggest Highlight

Just as previous years until now, we chased our vision to be a workplace filled with happiness and opportunities!

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