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Food, Fun and Conversations: Our Epic 4 Year Celebration

By Brucira  |  Added 06th Jan 2022

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.”

– Jack Welch

As we celebrated Brucira’s 4th anniversary, Jack Welch’s quote couldn’t have rung more true! We cannot imagine coming this far without the unconditional support and passion of our team which is spread across India. Up until the pandemic hit us out of the blue, we waited for our anniversary with bated breath.  From staycations, parties, team bonding games to deep conversations – every anniversary of Brucira was nothing but amazing. These yearly celebrations also rejuvenated us and made us look at our common vision, goals with a fresh perspective.

2022 had different plans for us

With the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic causing havoc, we had many of our teammates testing positive. Also, all of us were working from home, so we just couldn’t risk meeting in person in the middle of the third wave in 2022. We felt very sad for not meeting each other in person for our 4th anniversary, our collective spirits were at an all-time low.

Our will made the way

Before we got all sadder, we came up with an idea to meet online and spend the day with each other. In a typical Brucira style, we solved this problem as well.  So, 20+ of us stationed across India joined a video call on Google Meet and started chatting like there was no tomorrow. From NFTs, crypto, new series, food, mythology – there was so much to catch up on after all! Not to mention that we also played dumb charades back to back throughout the day

The fun had just begun

While the chat kept flowing, we ordered some delicious food ranging from pizzas, baos, tacos, Chinese and more from Zomato and Swiggy. As always, it was sponsored by Brucira. We teased each other for all the tasting misses but then we decided to order desserts and made up for all of it. 

4th Anniversary Trivia

We celebrated our 4th anniversary online for more than 4 hours. A few of us, took a one-hour power nap to get reenergized but our “Marathi Mandal” had different plans. They celebrated without any interruptions – bravo!

Food, games and tech chats brought all of us closer. Many of us had no clue about crypto or NFTs but fellow team members backed us there.

All in all, although we missed our yearly anniversary staycation yet our synergies got aligned on a video call this year with loads of food, fun and conversations. Thanks to our love for design, our team and our vision, we ended up celebrating one of the most memorable anniversaries of Brucira. As we write this, we are looking forward to its 5th anniversary already now!

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