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What Does a Front-end Development Intern Do?

By Brucira  |  Added 28th Oct 2020

At Brucira, we want to make sure we capture the experiences of all our team members so we can learn from them and make our work processes even better. This is the first post in a series about our interns’ experiences at Brucira across different verticals like product design, front-end development, and digital marketing.

Image of Rajat Verma, the Front End development intern at Brucira

Rajat Verma joined Brucira as a front-end development intern for two months. Since we were all operating remotely due to the Covid19 pandemic, Rajat was on boarded remotely, and we were all very pleased with how easily he fit into the team.

How did he find Brucira?

We put out a call for front-end developers with knowledge of Redux & React earlier this year. Rajat’s college senior shared the post which got his attention. Brucira is currently building ruttl, a visual feedback and collaboration tool for web design projects. Rajat was drawn to the idea of a tool for easy feedback for websites & web apps, and this was one of the primary reasons he applied for this internship. 

An application including a well-tailored cover letter & concise CV later, he was invited to interview for the internship. Soon, he was selected to be a front-end developer working on Brucira & ruttl for the next two months. 

What does a front-end development intern do at Brucira?

During his internship, Rajat mainly worked on ruttl and contributed immensely to the front-end part of the product. His knowledge of React & Redux was very helpful to the team, as were his suggestions for several new features & improvements to the platform. 

Some of the things he worked on include: 

  • Improved the UI of the profile page.
  • Added switcher for page versions and updated the UI on each webpage. 
  • Made ‘comments’ draggable, ensuring they were contextual and easy to find.
  • Added a feedback modal.
  • Ensured the ‘Inspect’ changes were accessible with an updated design. 
  • Added react-helmet to the website for better SEO. 

In addition to this list, Rajat fixed several early-stage bugs and tested the application thoroughly and regularly to improve the user interface & user experience.

Rajat’s Learnings

During my internship at Brucira, “I learned a lot of new things and explored my knowledge in web development.” 

At Brucira, I learned how to:

  • Write better & clean code. 
  • Explore my knowledge in different technologies like React, Redux, and CSS.
  • Work on large scale applications
  • Explored several new libraries and frameworks
  • Work on a full-stack application.

I learned a lot by working with a team and inculcated important values that will support me throughout my career as a software developer. 

His thoughts on Brucira

“Brucira is an organization where people are passionate about their work and want to do the best in their field. It is creating a huge impact on the design of many big organizations and companies.”

The lower work pressure and individual load, the work culture, and the independence at Brucira were also some aspects Rajat pointed out as his favourites in his feedback. Brucira’s hardworking team that creates an environment to push oneself to do their best was also appreciated by him. 

On improvements, he suggested we share more about what goes on at Brucira and highlight our work & designs. 

Taking Rajat’s feedback into account, we’ll be sharing more stories about the what goes on at Brucira — intern tales, projects we’re working on, new products we’re working on refining (hint: one of them is ruttl!), and more, coming your way soon!

We’re thankful to Rajat for sharing his thoughts! This post has been pieced together from his feedback & report about his experience at Brucira. It has been edited for brevity, levity, and clarity. 

Find out more about Brucira’s work by visiting here.

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