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2021: A Year of Possibilities and Potentials at Brucira

By Brucira  |  Added 30th Dec 2021

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Through 2021, we truly realized what Helen Keller tries to convey with our brilliant team at Brucira. In continuation with 2020, we had to work remotely as a team due to the impending wave of COVID. But this year, as a team, we were determined to make remote collaborations truly energize us.

Slowly and steadily, by using tools like ruttl, Brutask, Trello and more, we navigated work from home and also ensured that our team had “me time” through the week. Many of us picked up new hobbies like meditating, reading, writing, learning new courses – all of this happened because as a team we all did our bit and then some more.

One Step at a Time

With a strong team and camaraderie having our backs, in 2021, Brucira cumulatively ended up working with 150+ clients.

Our team organically grew to 30+ members and with all their gusto, talent, we ended up working with some of the best unicorns like Slice, Vedantu, PayU, RazorPay.

All through the same, we kept posting our updates, resources with our Dribbble community and we hit the mark of 10,000 followers on the same.

Recognition Came Our Way

Surprisingly, our consistency, passion to deliver nothing but the best to our clients was noticed by the industry and they acknowledged all of it by bestowing the precious Kyoorius Award to us. We also won the prestigious India’s Best Design Award at IBDA 2021 for the second time in a row – 2021 truly made us believe that all the hard work that we do will eventually add up.

Contributed to Fin-Tech Market

Right from the inception of Brucira, we had the fortune of working with a few of the industry leaders like Oppo, Hotstar and more coveted clients. 2021 forayed us into the world of fin-tech clients like Cashfree, RazorPay, PayU. We not only designed interfaces, reimagined branding for them but also relooked and crafted their imagery with the help of illustrations, new-age designs and visually communicated their essence in the finance domain.

Launched New Verticals

Having been passionate about 3D design and development for ages, we have finally created our own office pet called Popo, the cat which lives up to all our 3D storyboarding and development. 

We also ended up using our 3D skills to create campaigns around Spiderman No Way Home and Christmas.

All of these experiments and encouragement from our community, clients pushed us to finally introduce the 3D Illustrations and Front End Development divisions!

Went on a “Workation”

That’s right!

We were missing being at favorite office! Ever since COVID-19 entered our lives, we’ve mostly been operating remotely.

Our team has always been our constant and we wanted to get together, unwind, understand each other better and move away for a bit from all the anxieties of a pandemic.

So, we mindfully followed safety protocols, social distancing and planned a peaceful “Workation” to Goa.

All of us stayed together in a beautiful villa, worked together in same rooms, did fun indoor activities and just reconnected with each other to form meaningful relationships.

Paved Way for Ruttl and Brutask

2021 made us prove our mettle by pushing us to create two immensely useful web-annotation and productivity tools like ruttl and Brutask respectively.  

Despite launching them just this year, within a few months we achieved 10,000+ users collectively for these inhouse tools. More importantly, we partnered with the famous SaaS platform AppSumo to launch Ruttl. We also hosted massive Black Friday deals week for Ruttl and also shipped dozens of features and amazing integrations for both the tools.

Bidding Farewell to 2021

Looking back, it feels so surreal to us to see how far we have come together as a team at Brucira. The sunshine of 2022 is already nudging us to carpe diem. Stay with us as we prep for an all-new adventure at Brucira in 2022?

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