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Walkthrough On The Appsumo Launch Of Our In-House Tool- Ruttl

Added 28th Oct 2021

Around two months ago, we thought to ourselves, “How do we do something different for Ruttl? How do we test it with a global audience and see what kind of response we get?” That’s when our team came up with the idea of launching Ruttl’s lifetime deal on Appsumo. For those of you who do not know, Appsumo is a famous SaaS platform that comes up with daily deals for digital products and online services. 

Our reason behind Appsumo Launch Of Ruttl was crystal clear. We wanted to:

  • Understand how the global audience reacts to the idea of a visual feedback tool
  • Collect market proof that agencies and businesses alike are facing the problem of feedback collection
  • Generate revenue to understand the problem severity of feedback collection and demand in the design community

Let us take you through our entire journey with the Appsumo Launch Of Ruttl

How did our team at Brucira come up with Ruttl?

Back in the day when we were a small team at Brucira, we were handling a lot of projects. A person on the team was responsible for working on multiple projects at the same time. This meant a lot of feedback and suggestions coming from the client, teammates, and the decision-makers. All of this feedback used to be fragmented. Some would be lying in the starred section of emails, some in the unread, and yet others on Slack.

It was also difficult for the clients to send precise feedback over emails. For example, if an animation element needed changes; to pinpoint the same over an email used to be inconvenient. That meant endless calls and meetings to explain something as simple as “The slide animation needs to be moved 5 pixels to the left”

That’s when our co-founders came up with the idea of Ruttl – a visual feedback tool that meant saying goodbye to unnecessary emails, screenshots, and meetings. After a lot of experimentation and testing, we thought to ourselves, “If this tool can help solve our problems, why not help other design agencies save time and speed up their projects with this simple and effective tool.” And that’s how Ruttl entered the design market.

How did we carry out the marketing campaign for the Appsumo launch?

While we already had a dedicated marketing strategy for content and visual graphics when it comes to Ruttl, we decided to go a step further for this particular campaign. Everyone from the designers to the developers pitched in their ideas and some of us went through copywriting strategies as well to create content that induces curiosity and enthusiasm in the audience.

The result was catchy Instagram posts such as the one shown below.

Ruttl’s AppSumo Instagram post

Here are some things we did while creating content for our campaign:

  • Have an aesthetic style: If you scroll through Ruttl’s Instagram feed, you can see a consistent style for all of our posts. During the campaign, while we tried to create content that urges the audience to take action, we made sure the content blends seamlessly with our aesthetic style? Why? It helps our customers recognize our posts and helps our brand establish an identity that is also in tune with our website style.
  • Create engaging visuals: Our designers put together creative and innovative visuals after doing a lot of research on how each element of the graphic invokes what kind of emotion in the audience. Here’s one such post that pairs engaging animation with urgency-creating text that draws the audience’s attention.

How did our team handle various work responsibilities?

While we had a dedicated team for handling all the queries that came in from thousands of people on Appsumo, just a day after the launch, we realized it wasn’t enough. So, everyone from our team donned different hats for the launch. For example, we had one of our designers handling the chat support for the campaign. During this period, we learned how to deal with emergencies as a team and realized that it’s okay to have our decisions fail but it’s important to back them with successful ones. 

If you are deciding to launch a campaign, make sure you have the resources beforehand. Assign responsibilities from the start and have a buffer team in place to deal with contingencies if they arise.

What challenges did we face?

Whether it was understanding how ads work or dealing with unhappy customers, our Appsumo launch helped our team face many challenges and learn from them. Here are a few and what we learned from them:

  • People started asking for a lot many features and updates. While we tried to accommodate a few of these requests, we had to politely refuse others or let them know that it’d take time to come up with their required features. We learned that there could be so many improvements we could make to our tool and that customer feedback and requests could be a goldmine in disguise.
  • Experimenting with new user acquisition methods with the avenue of Appsumo was a little different for the team but we realized that there are a lot many ways to seek out new users for SaaS products.
  • While we got a lot many positive reviews, we faced our fair share of negative ones as well. We tried to be empathetic as a team and look at things from their perspective instead of ignoring negative feedback

What was the final result?

It was all worth it: Ruttl generated over $60k in revenue in less than 5 days!

The Appsumo launch was a great avenue for our team to handle different challenges and learn as a whole. While we had to go through long nights at work, the end result felt that much more rewarding. In just a matter of a 5, we were able to welcome over 1500+ new users to our tool and generate over $60k in revenue.

To try out Ruttl and our new improvements to the tool for your design agency, get started for free on: https://ruttl.com/

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