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3 Ways to Turn Ideas into Achievements

Added 01st Apr 2021

New research suggests that the human brain has over 6,000 thoughts every single day. These 6,200 thought worms are when the human is focused on a single idea instead of thoughts in the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind.

Have you ever stopped to think about what happens to those ideas, those thought worms? If we acted upon even a fraction of these daily thoughts, we’d have created thousands of products to solve virtually every problem in the human experience.

Inspiration is all around us. The creative process is filled with ups and downs, but there’s no telling what a single spark can accomplish if you put your mind to it. At Brucira, we’ve got a robust team full of different types of creators who enjoy innovating in their fields of expertise. Fueled with passion and creativity, they’ve succeeded in executing several ideas and turning them into both professional and personal achievements. 

Here are some of their best tips for how you can do that too:

Break down a large goal into smaller tasks

Our copywriter believes in the power of breaking down large ideas and goals into smaller, more easily achievable tasks. For instance, if your vision or goal is to build a portfolio or website to showcase your work to clients, it can be challenging to see the unchecked “(Re)design portfolio” on your to-do list every day.

Break the process down into smaller steps: hire a designer, choose images, choose articles, review the website, hire a developer, etc. This allows you to see the steady progress being made on your idea, motivating you to reach the finish line. 

Writing down your ideas always makes them a bit too real, but you can control how overwhelmed you feel with a large idea or goal by using this little tip. In fact, checking off items on your to-do list can improve your productivity, thus pushing you to deliver better results. Over time, as you accomplish the different steps on your to-do list for this goal, you’ll have turned your idea into an achievement. 

Share your idea with someone to hold yourself accountable

Keeping an idea to yourself is safe. But accomplishments don’t happen if you only choose safety. It can be scary to voice your idea or goal to someone else — what if it’s a silly idea? What if they’ll make fun of you? What if it’s already been done before? All these thoughts will most likely try and stop you from sharing your idea. 

Our designer suggests otherwise. Sharing your goals makes them real and helps you stay accountable. The added support and motivation from the person(s) you share your plan with can help you whenever you feel down about your idea. In the long run, this will help you execute your goal and turn your vision into an achievement that makes everyone involved proud.

Collaborate with someone if you think it’ll be too much work for one person

Brucira’s developers are a tight-knit bunch, much like the rest of the team. They firmly believe in helping each other shoulder big loads so that the process of accomplishing their target is more streamlined. 

This idea can be applied to your personal and professional goals too! Just because you came up with the idea, doesn’t mean that you’re responsible for bringing it to life all on your own. Asking others for help or inviting them to collaborate on your idea can make it better. Indeed, sometimes it can also help you achieve that goal faster! 

Organized ideas can help immensely when you’re working with others to achieve a goal. For this, we recommend weaving in our first tip. Write down the different tasks that need to be completed within the main goal and assign them to the various people collaborating on the project. 

Consistent and dedicated progress on these delegated tasks will ensure everyone feels valued and part of the project. 

Remember, the best way to turn your ideas into achievements to act on them! If you keep them in your mind without taking the time and effort to work on realizing your idea, that’s all they’ll ever remain. 

Whether you’re solving a client problem or embarking on a personal endeavour, these three tips will be useful as you go about turning your ideas into achievements. 

All the very best! We can’t wait to see you bring your ideas into the world!

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