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From Brucira’s UI UX Intern to Full-Time Product Designer

By Poorna  |  Added 10th Jul 2024

At Brucira, we believe internships are like the ultimate treasure hunts – they’re packed with opportunities for both the intern and the company to discover hidden gems. We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent, and while skills are important, we’re more excited about finding people with the right attitude. Skills can be taught if the person is eager to learn! 

Our welcoming environment ensures interns feel like part of the family from day one. By involving them in significant projects, we help them grow their skills and gain invaluable hands-on experience. Today, we’re diving into the journey of Vrushika, who joined us as a UX/UI intern in January 2024.

How did she join Brucira?

Before joining us, Vrushika had completed her Bachelor’s degree in Design (User Experience). She discovered Brucira while researching design agencies in Mumbai. She had a list of potential companies and, after checking our website, she was impressed by our work and clients. 

Intrigued by an opening for a product designer, she sent an application to [email protected]. The very next day, she received a response. We were impressed with her portfolio and offered her an assignment. Her internship started on January 23, 2024, and was set for three months. During the assignment phase, Vrushika connected with Roshan, a project manager at Brucira, to learn more about our company culture.

Why did she choose Brucira?

For Vrushika, Brucira stood out due to its welcoming company culture, good work-life balance, and the interesting projects and clients we handle. 

She admired the quality of our work, particularly our projects with Zepto. The freedom to explore and try new things was appealing. She saw Brucira as a place where her learning curve could significantly increase, making it an excellent environment for growth.

What did she do during her Internship?

During her internship, Vrushika worked on various significant projects. She collaborated with Ritesh and Roshan on wireframes and transitioned into UI design for Borosil. This hands-on experience, coupled with guidance from the team, helped her learn and grow. 

Additionally, she contributed to strategy pitches for Tanishq, Pine Labs, and MakeMyTrip, gaining exposure to different facets of UX/UI design.

Vrushika’s work on Borosil

Vrushika’s Learnings

Vrushika’s internship at Brucira was a transformative experience filled with valuable lessons and significant personal and professional growth. Here are some of the key learnings and skills she gained:

  1. Enhanced Thought Process:
    • Vrushika learned to approach problems from multiple angles, improving her critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
    • She developed a structured approach to design, allowing her to create more cohesive and effective solutions.
  2. Increased Confidence:
    • Through consistent practice and positive feedback, Vrushika gained confidence in her design abilities.
    • She began to trust her instincts and judgment, leading to bolder and more innovative design choices.
  3. Newfound Passion for UI Design:
    • Initially hesitant about UI design, Vrushika discovered a passion for it during her internship.
    • She enjoyed experimenting with different styles and techniques, making UI design a key area of interest.
  4. Time Management Skills:
    • Vrushika learned to prioritize tasks effectively, ensuring she met deadlines without compromising on quality.
    • She became adept at breaking down large projects into manageable tasks, enhancing her productivity.
  5. Multitasking Ability:
    • The fast-paced environment at Brucira taught Vrushika to juggle multiple projects simultaneously.
    • She learned to maintain focus and deliver high-quality work across various assignments.
  6. Work Discipline:
    • Vrushika developed a disciplined work ethic, adhering to schedules and maintaining a consistent workflow.
    • She learned the importance of staying organized and keeping track of her progress on different projects.

What is Vrushika doing right now?

Drumroll, please! Vrushika’s internship at Brucira was such a hit that she’s now one of us full-time. On 1st May, she officially became a Product Designer in our team. She’s currently working on Brutask, our productivity tool for task management and daily stand-ups. 

She’s created case study templates, designs, and structures for the playbooks to help newbies get up to speed. Plus, she’s involved in designing strategy pitches for Brucira and has started working on ruttl, our feedback and project management tool for designers and developers.

We are incredibly thankful to Vrushika for sharing her thoughts and journey with us. We’ve edited her story for clarity, ensuring it captures the essence of her growth and the valuable contributions she has made to our team.

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