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What’s it like to be a Visual Design Intern at Brucira?

By Poorna  |  Added 05th Jul 2024

At Brucira, we don’t just hire interns; we bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas all year round. Our goal? To teach them the ropes of working at a full-service design and development agency while learning something valuable from their creativity. 

Enter Meghna Jena, a talented designer who caught our eye at the end of 2023. Her portfolio was impressive, and we couldn’t wait to have her on board. So, in January 2024, Meghna joined us remotely as a visual design intern, and we made sure her time here was an enriching learning experience she could fondly remember.

Why Brucira?

Meghna was already a fan of Brucira before applying. She’d been following us on social media, captivated by our high-quality designs and animations for top-notch clients. “I loved the clients and the designs/animations you guys made for them. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn,” she said. Motivated by this admiration, she reached out to us at [email protected] and even contacted a few of our team members. Once Harsh, our co-founder, saw her previous work, we set up an interview call, and just like that, she was in!

What Does a Visual Design Intern Do at Brucira?

Upon joining, Meghna was first onboarded on the Zepto project by Saba. Her initial tasks involved layout design, where she honed her skills in arranging visual elements cohesively. After proving her mettle, Saba then onboarded her onto the Dream11 project. Here, her responsibilities expanded significantly. She had to understand the client’s needs, gather their requirements, incorporate feedback, and iterate on designs accordingly. Throughout this process, our managers meticulously tracked all tasks to ensure deadlines were met.

Designing for Zepto and Dream11

Working on projects for Zepto and Dream11 allowed Meghna to tackle various design challenges. For Zepto, she focused on layout design and creating placeholders, which helped her understand the importance of structuring content effectively. Transitioning to Dream11, her role became more dynamic. Meghna worked on in-app designs, stories, and emailers, all requiring quick turnarounds and precise adherence to brand guidelines. This experience taught her the importance of efficient time management and the ability to swiftly incorporate feedback.

Collaborating with Other Team Members

Collaboration is a cornerstone of our work culture at Brucira. Meghna had the opportunity to work closely with team members like Aditya, Khushi, Mona, and Suraj. Through these collaborations, she learned valuable lessons in design execution and client management. The team was always available to guide her, share insights, and ensure she was progressing well in her tasks.

Meghna’s Thoughts

“This internship has been a great learning experience for me as I learned how to work under set deadlines.”

At Brucira, I learned:

Technical Skills:

  1. Working with Actual Clients: I valued the hands-on experience of interacting directly with clients, understanding their needs and expectations.
  2. Gaining Industry Knowledge: I gained insights into the latest design trends, tools, and techniques, keeping me updated and competitive.
  3. Designing Within Brand Guidelines: I learned to create designs that aligned with specific brand guidelines, ensuring consistency and creativity.
  4. Layout Design: I enhanced my ability to organize and structure visual elements effectively, a key aspect of visual design.
  5. Feedback Process: I understood the importance of incorporating feedback from clients and team members to improve my designs.
  6. Communication Skills: I improved my ability to articulate ideas clearly and work collaboratively with both clients and colleagues.
  7. Timely Delivery of Projects: I developed strong time management skills, ensuring high-quality work was delivered on schedule.

Core Abilities:

  1. Understanding of Layout, Color, and Typography: I strengthened my knowledge of essential design principles, creating visually appealing and effective designs.
  2. Incorporating Personal Design Style with Client’s Style: I learned to blend my unique design style with client requirements, adapting my creativity to meet their vision.
  3. Ability to Work Effectively with a Team: I appreciated the dynamics of teamwork, collaborating with various team members and contributing positively to group efforts.

Her thoughts on Brucira

As a remote employee, Meghna found Brucira to be a supportive and enriching environment. She worked with designers like Abhijeet and Rutuja, who provided valuable guidance and inspiration. She described the people at Brucira as sweet and supportive, with good managers who always had her back. Team members like Bhavika and Khushi were particularly helpful, making her remote experience seamless and enjoyable.

Meghna’s overall experience at Brucira was overwhelmingly positive. She appreciated the diversity of projects and the different teams she worked with. The managers were exceptional, always ensuring that she was learning and growing. Although the work was challenging, it was also incredibly fulfilling, providing her with a sense of accomplishment and professional growth.


Interning at Brucira has been a transformative experience for Meghna, filled with learning opportunities and professional growth. We will continue to share more such stories from our team’s experiences, so stay tuned. We hope you enjoyed reading about Meghna’s journey.

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