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Subscribe To These 9 Design Newsletters To Improve Your Designing Skills

By Brucira  |  Added 19th Aug 2021

Newsletters are a great way to learn about all the new things happening in any industry. Be it productivity, real estate or designing, you’ll find hundreds of newsletters online. And there’s a good reason why. With constant change and advancements happening in every field, staying updated with the new knowledge surfacing each day has become more important than ever. 

The case is the same for the world of designing. Instead of reading solitary articles on the internet, a newsletter assimilates top articles, design trends, technology and products in one email. To make life easy for you, Brucira has made a list of the best newsletters that every UX/UI designer should subscribe to.

1. Side bar

Side Bar’s daily newsletter now has 40k subscribers and it’s a great way to keep up with everything going in the design world without being overwhelmed by all the noise. It sends you five design links in your inbox every week day. Not only that, it assimilates everything from articles on design, case studies, live examples, illustrations and strategy. From UX, UI, CSS, user research to typography, this newsletter by Sacha Greif has every aspect of designing covered for you.

2. The smashing newsletter

The smashing newsletter is for all such people that don’t have the time to read a newsletter every day but can do so a few times in a month. It’s an extensive newsletter that is packed with valuable resources and useful tips for designers and developers. Different topics such as UX research, guides to product design, etc are presented with cool visuals and insightful links. Whether you want to learn, stay updated with the news or play around with the latest trends, this newsletter has it all.

3. UX Design weekly

This newsletter is one of the most popular digests out there and for good reason. In every issue, you can get to read the best articles on UX and stay updated. You can even go through a section designated for designers that has various tools and resources on the issue’s topic. The best part is they present you with a designer’s portfolio in every issue so you can check out what other designers are working on and get inspired from their work. You can even know about the various designer roles that are available in the industry.

4. The UX Collective Newsletter

Curated by UX designers Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Abreu Braga, The UX Collective newsletter offers you the top ten links of the week related to product design, strategy,  UX, Interaction design and usability. It also includes useful resources, apps and tools related to designing for you to try out.

5. Designmodo

With Designmodo newsletter, you can read the most popular articles each month along with their comments on the topics that are covered. You can even look for exciting jobs all over the world in the design industry and apply to them. They also offer products like UI kits and static website builders for designers to learn from.

6. Muzli weekly digest

Tired of searching for design related news and trends every day? The Muzli email digest sends you a newsletter every week that contains a summary of the most inspiring and popular design related content. The content is curated in the best way possible so that you can stay continually informed and inspired.

7. The web designer

The web designer is one of the fastest growing newsletters with over 23k subscribers and a lot to offer from designing trends, news, design freebies, JS plugins and awesome articles. With many insights, tips and strategies shared in the newsletter, it can be a perfect place to learn and improve your skills.

8. Dribbble newsletter

With the Dribbble newsletter, you can keep yourself updated with all the latest design trends and applications. They have more than 5000 illustrations, inspirational designs and graphic elements curated from the world’s best designers. It is a great medium to learn and try out different things if you’re just starting out.

9. Hack Design

Hack Design delivers a newsletter to your inbox each week that is curated by a different design professional. This means you get access to different design inspiration, strategies and topics each week. Some of the topics they have covered in the previous issues range from responsive web design, mechanics of iconography to vector interface design. You can learn different things and add on to your existing knowledge of different topics.

These newsletters have been designed by experts who have years of experience to guide you in the ever-changing field of design and get you all ready for it. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe away. If you need any help working more efficiently on design projects, then hop on to our in-house solution Ruttl- a visual feedback and web design collaboration tool to help you effortlessly design your web design projects.

If you need help designing an awesome web experience, reach out to us at [email protected] 

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