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Highlights From Our Last-Minute Pawna Lake Workation

By Athharv Nageshkar  |  Added 28th May 2024

With our team scattered all over the country thanks to hybrid work culture, bonding felt like a far-off fantasy. So, we threw caution to the wind and planned a spontaneous workation! Imagine working surrounded by nature, inhaling fresh air, and finally meeting face-to-face. It was the ultimate way to mix productivity with fun and shake up our everyday routines.

As they say, “Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect,” and that’s exactly what we did.

Day 1: A bumpy (but beautiful) start

The Great Escape

Escape the city? Check. Stunning scenery? Double check. Questionable internet connection? Well, let’s just say our recent workation at a beautiful Airbnb near Pawna Lake wasn’t exactly what we expected… in the best way possible!

We piled into our cars, aiming for a smooth 7:30 am departure. A quick breakfast break in Khopoli (because, let’s be honest, who can resist that Khopoli foodmall during a road trip?) Later, we arrived at our destination by 10:00 am, eager to explore our home away from home for the next few days.

The first sight that greeted us? A picture-perfect scene: an infinity pool sparkling in the sunlight, nestled amidst four charming red-brick cottages. Each cottage boasted open-air bathrooms with bathtubs – a hint of luxury we all silently appreciated. And for those feeling competitive, there was even a dedicated area for classic game nights – think 8-ball pool and carrom tournaments.

Tech Troubles with a Twist

Feeling energized by the beautiful surroundings, we prepped for our daily stand-up meeting at 10:30 am. But hold on – where’s the Wi-Fi? A quick reality check revealed a crucial detail our pre-trip research might have missed: limited internet access at the property.

Undeterred, we embarked on a mini-adventure to find a signal. Picture this: the Brucira crew, laptops in hand, scaling a small hill in the scorching May heat, all for a single bar of internet strength (near the property’s water tank, no less!). In the end, we pulled off an offline stand-up meeting, limited only to the workation warriors who’d made the journey.

Fueling Up for Fun

By 2:00 pm, our stomachs were growling louder than any internet connection issue. Thankfully, Dhondesh, the amazing caretaker, served up a delicious lunch spread. From vegetarian options (including Jain) to mouthwatering non-veg dishes, it was a feast fit for champions (or in our case, weary warriors who climbed a hill for Wi-Fi).

Work Hard, Play Harder

With limited internet access we decided to wrap up work by 5:00 pm and dove headfirst into some much-needed fun. The infinity pool became a battleground for epic ball catches and underwater coin searches with our Co-founder and Creative Director Siddhita being the moderator of the games. The competitive spirit raged on after sunset, with a poker match that unfolded (hilariously) on the 8-ball pool table. Let’s just say a few brave souls went all-in… and all-out (of the first round). 

As midnight approached, the mood shifted to spooky. We gathered around the benches near the pool, sharing ghost stories that sent chills down our spines (seriously, who knew Pawna Lake held such secrets?). Needless to say, bedtime came early that night – with a healthy dose of goosebumps, of course.

Day 1 may have had its unexpected twists, but it perfectly captured the spirit of our workation: a blend of productivity, creativity, and some seriously good bonding.

Day 2: An unexpected vacation?

Day two dawned with a surprise announcement – thanks to Harsh, our ever-generous co-founder and CEO, who gave us the day off as without an internet connection much work wasn’t happening! (Spoiler alert: an extra Saturday was added to the calendar later, but hey, a day off is a day off!). This news sparked a flurry of activity. Some reveled in the chance to sleep in, while others, including Harsh himself, got their hands on the DJI Mavic Mini 2 SE Drone, promising stunning aerial shots later in the day.

By afternoon, everyone was prepped for a photo shoot. Picture perfect poses, captivating drone footage, and a new furry friend who joined in on the fun – a friendly dog who decided to adopt us for the rest of the trip! 

Poolside chills, lakeside thrills (and expensive pakoras!)

Fueling up on a delicious lunch, we channeled our competitive spirit, and battled it out in epic games of 8-ball pool, UNO, and carrom. An impromptu boat trip to Pawna Lake popped into our heads, but the group was divided. Poolside relaxation vs. sunset boat ride? Why not both!

While Kalpesh and Rishabh said their goodbyes and headed home early, the rest of us indulged in poolside fun until the sun started to dip. With a 7:00 pm sunset at Pawna Lake on the agenda, we scrambled to change and hit the road.

The 20-minute drive was well worth it, however we rushed against the time to catch the last boat at 7:15 pm. The view was pure magic – golden light reflecting on the water, a perfect ending to a perfect day. We even managed to snag a group photo before indulging in some seriously overpriced pakoras and chai (thankfully, the winner of the previous night’s poker match gave us a treat).

Returning home late, dinner was followed by stargazing and music sessions. But wait, the ghost stories weren’t over! This time, the lights went out, adding a whole new level of spookiness. Some of us bravely stayed awake until dawn, while others opted for a slightly less terrifying night’s sleep.

Day 3: Farewells and Fond Memories

Our last day arrived, and with heavy hearts (and maybe a bit of sleep deprivation), we packed up and said goodbye to our furry friend and our amazing caretaker Dhondesh. Though our official departure time was 7:00 am, let’s just say some lingering photo sessions and drone enthusiasts pushed it back to a leisurely 12:00 pm.

The Brucira workation was a resounding success! We bonded over beautiful scenery, friendly competition, and a few good ghost stories. We returned to Mumbai feeling refreshed, reconnected, and ready to tackle any creative challenge with renewed energy. Until next time, Pawna Lake!

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