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Sharing Love: Brucira’s Covid19 Relief Campaign

By Brucira  |  Added 16th Oct 2020

The Covid19 pandemic brought everyday life to a standstill for everyone across the globe. In India, on March 21st, the entire country went into one of the harshest lockdowns in the world to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 

In the blink of an eye, everyday moments of joy we had all taken for granted vanished — hugging friends, meeting loved ones for dinner, hanging out with colleagues at the office was all in the past. In the early moments of panic, most of us retreated to our homes for remote work without any idea if or when life would be normal again. Several thousand others were displaced from their homes, lost their sources of income, and were in dire need of food & other necessities.

Brucira’s Response to Covid19

At Brucira, we were conscious of the fact that many members of the team came from different parts of the city and were using public transport to get to the office. As soon as we realized the rising risk of the virus, Brucira declared indefinite remote work to ensure the safety of our team members and their loved ones. Since air travel was also identified as a major risk, Brucira decided to move all client meetings online. 

We recognized the privilege we had — our work had simply gone remote, we missed our team members but that was nothing compared to the suffering of the migrants & those who were affected more directly by this deadly disease. 

Covid19 Relief Campaign

Brucira Covid 19 campaign relief creative

We wanted to do something else to contribute to the relief operations going on in India but were stumped on how to make it meaningful. Our first idea was to donate money but we also wanted to do something…more. We wanted to rally behind the people and spread some positivity and cheer.

That’s how the idea for Brucira’s Covid19 Relief Campaign was born. Our idea was to tap into the amazing design community that had shown up time and again to bring to life important incidents & causes through their artwork. The goal for our campaign was to create awareness through art. 

We appealed to designers, illustrators, and typographers to submit artworks about Covid19 & appropriate safety measures using a download-able template they could find on our website. In exchange, Brucira would donate $1 (~₹75) to the PM Cares fund on their behalf. To increase the number of donations we made, we asked each artist and designer to encourage 3 of their friends and colleagues to join the campaign. 

Along with donating to the Covid19 relief fund on their behalf, we also shared & promoted their artwork on our Instagram page. We know firsthand the importance of exposure and appreciation for the hard work that goes into making a creative. The campaign went live in April 2020 and submissions were open until the first week of May. 

‘You Create, We Donate’

The response we received was overwhelming and humbling. 

Designers from all over the country took out time from their busy schedules and created stunning works of art. Some of them depicted safety measures like the ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ mandate or social distancing guidelines, others designed artwork that championed healthcare workers & their contributions to the health and safety of the common folk.

By the end of the campaign,  Brucira received 150 entries for our Covid19 Relief Campaign and donated $150 (~INR 11,250) to the PM Cares fund. 

Gratitude Towards the Design Community

This campaign showed us how kind and dedicated the design community could be. Every entry we got was extremely thoughtful and created with a lot of care. We were thankful that our little initiative snowballed and received such a lovely response from so many creators. 

As creators ourselves, we were honoured to be the source of inspiration for so many designs for care. We were also immensely inspired by all the creators who contributed their time, effort, and art to the Brucira Covid19 Relief Campaign. 

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