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Sneak Peek Into Our Rejuvenating 2022 Monsoon Team Trip

By Brucira  |  Added 05th Aug 2022

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment.” 

– Hilaire Belloc

2022 is halfway through; to be honest, by the beginning of July, we felt this year is also going by fast.

As a team, we have always believed that one should give their best to the work. However, isn’t it good to slow down to see how far we have come and how far we could potentially go as a team? To remind ourselves just that, we went on a relaxing team Monsoon Trip during the last weekend of July. 

By the end of the trip, something changed in us for good. It told us flexible work and quarterly or half-yearly team trips fuel us well and boost our morale to do the best at Brucira. Wondering what we did during the trip? Take a recap of it with us!

Day 1: Heading To The Surprise Location

We left Mumbai around 8 AM and got greeted by fresh air, and sunshine along the way.

Many team members had joined us during the pandemic, so we got to meet them for the first time during this trip. We felt so good putting a person to the name we had just seen on screens. In-person energy is totally different, after all, right? We have our priorities always in place, so we had to have a scrumptious breakfast.

That’s also when we discovered the beauty and the diversity of our team. A few of us chose Starbucks and the others preferred having the local spread of adrak chai and misal. But we chugged some coffee together and that felt great!

Team brucira photo at Starbucks

Soon, we headed to Kasara Ghat and got the surprise of staying at the Wabi Sabi resort. Because our founders, Harsh and Siddhita, as always, tricked us with their surprise game! They had booked our stay more than 3 weeks prior at this grand resort but its name and location were not told to us.  We literally drove ourselves crazy guessing it all but they did not reveal it at all. Until we reached the foothills of Nashik, we had no clue that we would be staying at Wabi Sabi Resort.

Wabi Sabi resort image from far away

Located on the Mumbai-Nashik Highway, our resort had idyllic surroundings and luxurious amenities. From the infinity pool, and plush rooms to impeccable food and service, you name it and this resort offered it to us! Pristine and beautifully designed, Wabi Sabi turned out to be a great oasis for bringing our team closer.

After checking in, we all enjoyed a piping hot lunch, rested for a bit and then took a dip in the pool!

By the evening, we all dressed in black and got pumped to party together at the Amphitheater.

Day 2: Unwinding And Becoming One With The Nature

After a soul-pleasing breakfast, we all marched with extra energy for a quick uphill trek.

It not only connected us as a team but also gave us a great chance to work out. We also chatted around a dry waterfall nearby and came back to the resort.

It goes without saying that we had some more good food during lunch then. Post that, a few of us clicked photos by the pool while few decided to take a quick nap. 

Towards the end of the day, we dressed up again and played Mafia. We huddled in a circle by arranging 20 chairs and then created chits that had roles like citizen, mafia, police, doctor and handed them out. The guesswork part of the game got super competitive and the team Citizens won after a long time in the history of Brucira. Most of the time, team Mafia won after all! 

We also made sure to celebrate Arpit’s birthday – with cake and of course, birthday bombs, ha! Later, we took the party indoors and celebrated all the more with dance, drinks and funky laser lights in the background.

Day 3: Returning Back With A Renewed Sense of Self

Although this was our last day at Wabi Sabi, we were still all set to have loads of fun on our way back. We had breakfast, and took many photos with the team.

Post that, we headed to Dam Mukhane. We loved the serenity around it, it instantly calmed us down and made us look at the beauty of our collective existence with Mother Nature. The gushes of fresh air rejuvenated us in its truest sense and recharged us.

Then, we chose a Dhaba for our final team lunch for the trip and it turned out to be amazing. The food was epic and it had that quintessential local touch that we were looking forward to! Soon, we resumed our journey and then visited Gavhande waterfall as a final pitfall. 

Despite having a low stream due to lack of rain it still looked serene. We had tea and coffee then and before we knew it, we had reached Mumbai. The team clicked one more groupie together and then bid goodbyes with a new kind of connection and a thought of belonging at Brucira.

To sum it up…

Taking team trips makes us feel alive beyond work. Both for having a sense of community and for recharging our creativity, team trips are just so important! During this trip, we have made promises to each other to connect more often, reach out to each other and collaborate more. After all, our journey has and will continue to be memorable and meaningful as we always have such lovely promises to keep!

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