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From Brucira’s Marketing Intern To Associate Marketing Manager

By Brucira  |  Added 22nd Dec 2020

Fostering our team members’ personal & professional growth and development is something we take very seriously here at Brucira. Whether it’s an internship or a contractor joining us to cover for a permanent team member, we treat everyone like family — that’s to say, we learn from them, we teach them, we grow with them, and we support them when it’s their moment to shine. 

Our current Associate Marketing Manager, Pradnyesh, joined us as a Marketing intern during the Covid19 lockdowns here in Mumbai. Like our front-end development Rajat, he joined the team when we were all working remotely. We were acutely aware of how different the scenario would’ve been without Covid19, but we wanted to make this a fruitful experience for Pradnyesh.

How did he join Brucira?

A few months before he joined Brucira, Pradnyesh dropped out of the University of Maryland in the United States of America, to seek some real-life experience in the field of marketing. He began by applying for various internships across startups and companies in Mumbai. He even entered (and won!) LinkedIn MTV Get a Job Season 6!

But at the same time, he also came across Brucira’s website & LinkedIn page. Something struck him when he checked out our designs; he knew it was something different (his words, not ours!). That’s when he decided to connect with our CEO Harsh Vijay, hoping to gain some perspective about who and what Brucira needed for their marketing efforts.

When he found out that Brucira’s current clients and audience found them organically, through word-of-mouth, he realized there was an opportunity to bring Brucira’s designs & work to the forefront through targeted marketing efforts. After pitching a few ideas, Harsh offered Pradnyesh a marketing internship, impressed by his drive and thoughts about social media marketing and branding.

Why did he choose Brucira, over any other company?

For someone passionate about marketing, the fact that the product and services to be marketed were both high-quality and valuable is a bonus. It was the same for Pradnyesh. Fascinated by the talent and skills honed by Brucira’s team, he felt a connection and wanted to join the team to learn more. He wanted to build something from scratch, and Brucira gave him both the opportunity and the freedom to do so with guidance.

What does a marketing intern do at Brucira?

  • Build targeted marketing strategies for different goals: building a social media presence, cross-promotions on significant industry websites to demonstrate expertise, organic growth, increase website visitors, etc. 
  • Execute product marketing and growth marketing strategies to increase viewership, audience interaction, and organic traffic. 
  • Work with the design team, content team, sales team, under the leadership of the CEO and the COO.

Pradnyesh’s learnings

There are some places in life where you know you and your skills just belong. Pradnyesh found his current home at Brucira. Here’s what he had to say about what he learned during his internship:

  • “The importance of choosing the right mentors — After working with Brucira’s founders, Harsh and Siddhita (our COO), I’ve understood how important it is to choose the right set of people to emulate in the early stages of career.  I can’t stress the kind of personal transformation I’ve gone through ever since I started working alongside them [to aid] the business development of Brucira and ruttl.
  • Theoretical knowledge is just one part of the matrix. It’s the real-world experience that truly pushes you to your limits.
  • After working in a lean startup environment, I’ve realized the importance of bootstrapping resources while still maintaining efficiency and getting excellent results! That’s the kind of mindset that pushes you to be successful at every step of life.”

During his internship, Pradnyesh closely worked with the design team, honing his skills of multitasking and effective communication. He also increased his productivity without compromising the quality of his work output. 

What is Pradnyesh doing now?

He’s working right here at Brucira! We were glad to know that he found value in his time here during his internship. Soon after, we offered him the Associate Marketing Manager position, and he’s worked on Brucira, our products, Brutask & ruttl, as well as strategic digital marketing initiatives for our clients ever since. 

He collaborates with the design team to come up with visually pleasing marketing strategies keeping in mind our branding (the one he’s been working on) and manages our current intern, Saloni. He’s been an excellent addition to the team, and we’re excited about the new ideas he’ll come up with next! 

We’re thankful to Pradnyesh for sharing his thoughts! This post has been pieced together from his feedback & report about his experience at Brucira. We’ve edited it for brevity, levity, and clarity. 

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This is the third post in our series sharing our interns’ experience at Brucira. Read about Rajat’s experience as a front-end development intern and Samyak’s thoughts about his product design internship.

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